Best tasting Baklava, Kataifi (Kadayif),  Kunefe, Tulumba, Burma, Sobiyet, from Turkey and Greece!













   Welcome to  Baklava is an amazing desert, originating developed in the imperial palaces of the Ottoman Empire.  Perfected by many skilled Greek and Turkish Chefs, Baklava is our personal favorite desert.  We will let the your hosts debate if it is really Turkish or Greek - we just want to bring the best Baklava and Kadayif (Kataifi) selection to your festive dinner table.

 How is Baklava made?  Baklava is made in large pans, using about 40 layers of phyllo dough, separated with unsalted butter, and then a thick layer of pistachios or walnuts (or a combination of the two) is used between 2 main layes of the baklava. Before the baklava is baked, it is cut into pieces, and after baking, a syrup made of honey, sugar water and or rose water is added on top..

Baklava with Pistachios
(Best seller)
  Baklava with Walnuts   Kataifi / Kadayif
Bread Kataifi with Cream

(Kaymakli Ekmek Kadayifi)

  Bread Kataifi Tray

Ekmek Kadayifi Tepsi


  Rolled Kataifi

Burma Kadayif

Tulumba   Sobiyet   Cheese Kataifi
Kunefe / Kanafeh